Air tour of Dubai

Seaplane Tours

Seaplane Air Tours

The Emirates are adorned with unique treasures and attractions. With this handcrafted collection of sublime Air Tours you get to see them all.

Glide above kaleidoscopic dunes, soar alongside futuristic landmarks, take in all the famous sights, and celebrate the jewels that gleam in the Arabian desert. Expertly tailored to connect the wonders of the UAE, our seaplane tours are a blend of unique experience and world-renowned sights.

Chic and unique, these exhilarating tours come with a wonderful scent of exclusivity and the elegant thrill of taking off and landing on the water.


Ras Al Khaimah Tours

A journey, an adventure, an air tour that reveals the visual wonders of Arabia. Take off from Ras al Khaimah and watch the spectacle unfold.


Abu Dhabi Yas Classique

Considering between a Dubai air tour or an Abu Dhabi air tour? Enjoy both famous skylines on a single tour with this Yas Classique scenic journey across the Emirates.


Abu Dhabi Snapshot

From the Emirates Palace to the Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi is a treasure chest of things to see. So don't miss any of them. Expertly tailored to provide timeless views of all the world-famous attractions, this 25-minute seaplane journey takes you on the complete tour of Abu Dhabi.


Dubai Tours

This iconic aerial tour provides the ultimate view over all the things to see in Dubai. From soaring past the Burj Khalifa to a bird's-eye view of the Palm Jumeirah, you enjoy 40 minutes cruising across the city and admiring the world famous skyline


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