Air tour of Dubai

Abu Dhabi Snapshot

Abu Dhabi Snapshot

Discover all the things to see in Abu Dhabi on a luxurious 25-minute air tour. Watch the city unfold and capture all the world-famous attractions from your personal viewing window, then revel in the beauty of touching down on water

Ultimate Abu Dhabi Air Tour

From the Emirates Palace to the Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi is a treasure chest of things to see. So don’t miss any of them. Expertly tailored to provide timeless views of all the world-famous attractions, this 25-minute seaplane journey takes you on the complete tour of Abu Dhabi. Mix traditional sights with futuristic wonders, and exhilarating moments with the charming sensation of flying by seaplane. A tingle of excitement, another stirring view, a new experience ticked off the bucket list; discover why this is Abu Dhabi’s ultimate scenic tour.

Price: AED 895 per person

At a Glance

  • Take off and land on the water
  • Travel from the Emirates Palace to Abu Dhabi Yas Marina or vice versa
  • Enjoy an exquisite 25-minute scenic flight
  • Personal viewing windows provide untouched panoramas over all the Abu Dhabi attractions

Abu Dhabi is a special city that dances to a unique rhythm. It’s part ancient tradition, revealed in the souks and scent of heritage that can be found all over the city. It’s also part futuristic wonder, dappled with world breaking attractions and architecture. To explore the subtleties and complexities could take weeks or even months. Or it could take 25 minutes with a sublime Abu Dhabi air tour. From an aerial vantage point you enjoy uninterrupted views over the entire city. The pilot swoops low and you’re awed by the intimate detail. Then he soars into the sky for astonishing impressions of this eternal city in the desert.

Think of a thing to see in Abu Dhabi and this carefully crafted air tour ensures you don’t miss it. Admire the hairpins and chicanes of the Abu Dhabi F1 Circuit, the curves and domes of the Emirates Palace, and the vibrant red of Abu Dhabi Ferrari World. Take in the streets of heritage and the yachts that rock in Abu Dhabi Yas Marina. Appreciate the island setting and the bridge that connects the city to the world. Or simply look up and consider the kaleidoscopic colours of the desert.

What’s missing? Perhaps a little thrill and a bit of charm to make this Abu Dhabi air tour even more memorable. Unlike a UAE helicopter tour, a seaplane travels smoothly and quietly, so there’s no horrendous grumble from the engine to distract the sightseeing. Taking off from the water provides an elegant start to the experience. You can choose from the water of Yas Marina or the Arabian Gulf beside the Emirates Palace. The 25-minute tour cruises between these two unmissable attractions, before softly descending for a touch down on the water. Like the city itself, this is a tour that celebrates tradition yet ensures you leave with extremely unique memories.

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