Air tour of Dubai

Abu Dhabi Yas Classique

Abu Dhabi Yas Classique

Explore the dramatic wonders and subtle tones of the Emirates with an air tour from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. 45 minutes of seaplane luxury provides a timeless experience with two world-famous skylines and the enchanting expanses of desert and Arabian Gulf.

One tour, two famous skylines

Considering between a Dubai air tour or an Abu Dhabi air tour? Enjoy both famous skylines on a single tour with this Yas Classique scenic journey across the Emirates. From the Burj Al Arab to the Emirates Palace, The World Islands to Abu Dhabi’s visual heritage, you enjoy a 45-minute flight that captures the imagination and unveils the complete splendour of the UAE. The desert shimmers beneath the wingtips while you bask in the luxury of the seaplane aboard Arabia’s premier air tour.

Price: AED 1,595 per person

At a Glance

  • Take off in a seaplane from the waters of Dubai Creek
  • Enjoy an aerial sightseeing tour of Dubai
  • Fly along the coast to Abu Dhabi for breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf and the desert
  • Complete the 45-minute flight with an Abu Dhabi air tour
  • Enjoy complimentary access to Abu Dhabi Ferrari World Theme Park
  • Chauffeured transfers bring you back to Dubai by road

Taking you from Dubai Creek to Abu Dhabi Yas Marina, this scenic tour captures the essence of the Emirates’ visual beauty. Travelling by seaplane enables you to swoop low and enjoy the intimate detail, but the pilot also ascends to afford blissful views into the scorched colours of the desert. Sit back in the air-conditioned cabin and savour it all from a personal viewing window. Cityscapes spill out beneath the wingtips while Arabian waters come with a seductive layer of haze that has the camera shutter clicking away. This Dubai air tour reveals it all, from world-famous buildings to towering dunes and secluded beaches to famous hotels.

Let’s start in Dubai, where the seaplane gently glides away from Dubai Creek. Take in the heritage area that surrounds the water before fixing your eyes on the Burj Khalifa, the dominant landmark as the Dubai scenic tour begins. As you get closer you can take in the detail, like the immense skyscrapers that rise alongside it and the famous islands of The World and The Palm. With refreshments being served you soar away from the city and along a coastline of evocative colours. There’s the scorched rusty yellows of the desert, the exotic tones of the beach, and the blue green mirage of the Arabian Gulf.

Now you’re flying into Abu Dhabi, enjoying a second unmissable cityscape. Admire the Abu Dhabi F1 Circuit, the gargantuan Emirates Palace, now Sheikh Zayed mosque and scenic views over Yas Marina. With this Dubai to Abu Dhabi air tour you touch down on Yas Marina. Not on the land. But in the sea; this is a flying boat after all. Disembark into the city and the experience isn’t over. You enjoy complimentary access to Abu Dhabi Ferrari World, home to the world’s fastest roller coaster and dozens of simulators and rides that reflect the speed and prowess of the famous Italian sports car. And of course, you’re not left stranded in Abu Dhabi. A private chauffeured transfer brings you back to Dubai.

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