Air tour of Dubai



Celebrate and savour the best of luxury Arabia with a seaplane experience and hi tea in the upper echelons of the Burj Al Arab. Opulent and exclusive, it’s a tour that celebrates the high life of Dubai.

Thrills and Speed in Abu Dhabi

Immerse yourself in Dubai’s luxury with this fusion of seaplane adventure and royal hi tea at the Burj Al Arab. Dine on the memorable views and relish the artisanal delights that come from the Burj’s kitchen. Explore The World and the whole of Dubai from the sky, then submerge yourself in the unparalleled luxury of a seven-star hotel. It’s a special treat, a celebration, an eternal journey through high skies and the high life. This is Dubai at its opulent and indulgent best.

Price: From AED 2495 per person

At a Glance

  • Scenic 40-minute seaplane tour that connects all Dubai’s iconic landmarks
  • Choose to take off and land from either Dubai Creek or Dubai Jebel Ali
  • Afternoon tea at the Burj Al Arab at either Sahn Eddar or the Sky View Bar
  • Inclusive sweet and savoury treats that accompany the tea
  • Complementary chauffeured road transfers throughout

On this tour, every angle is a photo. Whether you’re cruising through the sky on a charming seaplane journey or basking in the interior of the Burj Al Arab, there’s always a new visual that confirms the sense of luxury. There’s plenty of time to take photos, not least because you’ll have a private viewing window on the 40-minute seaplane flight. But this tour is focused on experiencing the high life and the indulgence of luxury.

Step into the air-conditioned seaplane, feeling the exclusivity of taking off from the water and flying through the eternal skyline. Choose a flight that takes off from Dubai Jebel Ali or Dubai Creek. Both offer a similar route that incorporates all of the city landmarks and is widely regarded as one of the top things to do in Dubai. You’ll see all the famous architecture and get a true appreciation of this city in the desert, including stunning aerials of the Burj Al Arab sail.

And then the hi tea, a classical British tradition that’s been adapted and enhanced in Dubai. From the royalty of the 19th century, the concept has always been one of luxury, so where better to indulge than the world’s first seven-star hotel. Enter the elevator and rise up the sail of the Burj Al Arab, stepping out to magnificent views over the Arabian Gulf and the city. Choose to take hi tea in the more traditional setting of Sahn Eddar or celebrate glistening futuristic tones in the Sky View Bar. Both provide premium experiences with an inherent sense of opulence and service: this is a seven-star hotel after all. And it’s not just limited to tea. An extensive champagne and cocktail menu is served to the resonant backdrop of live classical music, while seductive water displays play out across the Burj Al Arab. As you would expect with a luxury tour, chauffeured transfers are included throughout.

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