Air tour of Dubai



Uncover the heart of Dubai’s heritage with this fusion of scenic aerial sightseeing and cultural exploration. It’s intimate and authentic, revealing the hidden highlights of history and the unforgettable views of the city in the desert.

Immersed in Dubai’s history

Dubai dances with contrasts and chronicles that tell a different story of this land. From colourful souks to desert traditions, the city is full of surprises that reveal a warm and ancient heart. Seaplanes have been taking off from Dubai Creek since the 1930’s, so a beautiful 40-minute air tour is the perfect start on a journey back in time. It’s complemented by a guided Dubai Heritage Tour that weaves the tales of the city’s past. Expect hidden treasures, unusual surprises, and a new angle on Dubai.

Price: From AED 2295 per person

At a Glance

  • Enjoy the ultimate bird’s-eye view of the city with a 40-minute scenic air tour of Dubai
  • Take off and land on the historic waters of Dubai Creek
  • Explore Dubai’s fascinating past with a unique Dubai Heritage Tour

Back in the 1930’s, way before Dubai had electricity or roads, luxury seaplanes used to land on the Dubai Creek. Seaplanes touched down on the famous waters, bringing the first ever tourists to the Emirates. Back then, there wasn’t quite as much to see from the air. But the intrepid visitors explored the heritage of the land and the traditions that continue to grace old Dubai. Fast-forward a few decades and Dubai’s futuristic cityscape is known the world over. Yet there is still an ancient heart of culture and heritage to discover.

This premium Dubai air tour package is designed to relive the seaplane journeys of yesteryear and uncover the authentic history of the city. Travel in style and soar above the city on a seaplane tour. See Burj Khalifa, see Burj Al Arab, see all the modern wonders that now grace Dubai. Yet you also see how the city is defined by its desert surroundings and the intimate working of nature. Each of the nine passengers has a personal viewing window so there’s never an interruption to the views. A seaplane is able to fly low above the city, making it the ultimate Dubai air tour for picking out all the delights that glimmer beneath the sun.

Just like the first foreign visitors to Dubai you then land on the water and discover the heritage around Dubai Creek. Explore souks and bask in the atmosphere of a bygone era, with trader’s soft calls mingling with strange fragrances in the corridors. Wander through museums that showcase the development of the city. Discover the city’s trading past as your tour guide narrates the chronicles and fables from an ancient era. There’s always hidden highlights on the Dubai Heritage Tour and there’s always a surprise as you discover more about an ancient land. This celebration of heritage is one of the top things to do in Dubai and it offers a wonderful contrast to the glitz and glamour in the rest of the city.

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