Air tour of Dubai



Feel the speed and increase the adrenalin with the UAE’s most thrilling day tour. It’s a combo of turbo-charged rollercoasters, famous fast cars and an inspiring seaplane flight from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

Thrills and Speed in Abu Dhabi

Handcrafted for adrenalin lovers, this luxury tour celebrates the speed of the Emirates. Welcome to a day of fast cars, faster rollercoaster, and the thrills of flying by seaplane. Take off from the water and cruise from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, with the pilot swooping above the city’s famous monuments. Descend from the sky, touch down on water, and explore Abu Dhabi Ferrari World. What first? The world’s fastest roller coaster? A Ferrari driving experience? A flight stimulator? Enjoy it all before returning to Dubai by private transfer.

Price: AED 1595 per adult / AED 1355 per child

At a Glance

  • Thrilling 45-minute seaplane flight from Dubai Creek to Abu Dhabi Yas Marina
  • Water take-off and landing
  • Aerial sightseeing of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the desert
  • Inclusive access to Abu Dhabi Ferrari World
  • Luxury chauffeured transfer back to Dubai

Electrifying and exciting, this luxury Dubai tour gives you thrills on the ground and in the air. It enables you to revel in the speed and celebrate the world-renowned wonders of the region. Start on the water, stepping into a unique seaplane at Dubai Creek and feeling the odd butterfly in the stomach as you gently glide into the desert sky. It’s a timeless mode of luxury travel limited to just nine passengers. Watch the cityscape glimmer from a personal viewing window and admire the bird’s-eye view of Dubai’s iconic monuments. The seaplane safely swoops over the desert, providing the ultimate scenic air tour from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Descending into a new cityscape, you enjoy wonderful views over the Abu Dhabi F1 Circuit before an invigorating landing on water. Seaplanes used be known as flying boats, and the thrilling runway action ensures you know why.

From the air to the water and now the land as you spend the day at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. The inclusive complementary access enables you to experience all rides and attractions of the world’s largest indoor theme park. So what will you pick first? Maybe Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest roller coaster and an adrenalin-charged few moments that makes even the macho emit a little scream. Flight simulators take you back into the air while you’re on the ground, then motion simulators reveal the speed of F1 tracks and famous Ferrari machines. Jump into the fast lane on go karts or supplement the experience with stunning driving experiences (note that some experiences charge an additional fee). Ferrari World has you captivate and charging from roller coaster to fast cars to simulators to more attractions of stirring velocity

So much action, so many memories, so many photos. After the adrenalin comes the calm. Complete the tour with a chauffeured land transfer back to Dubai, a journey that isn’t going at 200kph but affords you a quiet rest after a luxury air tour of pure excitement.

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