Air tour of Dubai



Marvel at Arabia on a scenic seaplane flight, then taste its intricate details with a four-hour Middle Eastern food trail. Expect culinary surprises, subtle aromas, seductive dishes, and unforgettable visuals.

A culinary Arabian adventure

A foodies selection of Arabian goodies and an exquisite seaplane tour over Dubai, the perfect combo for those looking for something special. These inimitable experiences combine to create a seductive impression of the city’s past and future. Fly over the iconic landmarks of Dubai then delve into the rich detail of its heritage with a four-hour Middle Eastern food trail. There’s five stops on this culinary trek around Old Dubai, each providing a foodie’s gem that enlightens the palate. Complementary road transfers are included and you dine on two starters, a main course, and two desserts.

Price: From AED 2295 per person

At a Glance

  • Delightful 40-minute scenic silver flight
  • 40 minutes of aerial sightseeing from a private seaplane viewing window
  • Four-hour Middle Eastern food trail
  • Five stops: two starters, one main course and two deserts
  • Complementary road transfers

Before the gastronomic adventure comes the number one thing to do in Dubai – according to the New York Times no less. Take off from the floaty waters of Dubai Creek and cruise through the fabled skyline, picking out the world icons as they dominate the sky. See Burj Khalifa, see Burj Al Arab, see The World and savour the impression of a city painted amongst the desert. The eyes indulge and the camera clicks away, every moment providing a new panorama from your private seaplane window. Because no two angles are ever the same here. Glance once at the desert and all you see is scorched evocative sand. Glance again and you pick out the ripples and the subtleties, the dunes and the colours that blur into mirage.

The 40-minute flight is tailored to incorporate all the famous landmarks in Dubai before a beautiful landing on the Dubai Creek. Now you head into Old Dubai, where the culinary tour is equally resplendent in capturing the best of a region. Taste Egypt, sample Lebanon, try the food from the desert, and open your senses to the flavours of Arabia. This Middle Eastern Food Trail has been created by a Dubai resident and food critic, offering a no-thrills journey through hidden culinary treasures. Without a guide it would be very easy to walk past these little cafes and stalls. But the locals always know best when it comes to food.

The tour includes five different stops, each selected for their classical ingredients and new tastes. Try two starters, opening both the nose and the palate to fresh spices and fragrances. Then a hearty main course infused with Middle Eastern splendour, before two dessert stops to satisfy the sweet tooth. And if you weren’t already aware, the Middle East is famed for its rich sugary desserts, so come on this tour with an empty stomach. Just like the seaplane journey is more than just views, this culinary trail is more than just food. It’s a great way to experience the heritage and tradition of Old Dubai.

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