Air tour of Dubai



Bask in the beauty of Dubai with 40 minutes of aerial sightseeing and the luxuriating Amara Spa Park Hyatt. Inclusive treatments and dinner create an afternoon of pure tranquility after a flight of exploration.

Explore, then pure relaxation

Dubai invites you to explore. Yet the city also encourages you to celebrate luxury and tranquility. This expertly tailored tour is a synthesis of the two, taking you across the city for some sublime Dubai sightseeing, then a rejuvenation of the senses at the award-winning Amara Spa Park Hyatt. There’s an excitement and enchantment to the 40-minute seaplane tour, then the chance to forget the rest of the world exists as you settle into the spa. Take off the watch, treat yourself, and discover two memorable sides to Dubai.

Price: From AED 2595 per person

At a Glance

  • Magnificent 40-minute scenic seaplane tour across Dubai
  • Take off and landing on the waters of Dubai Creek
  • 60 minutes of spa treatments at the Amara Spa Park Hyatt
  • Day access to all the spa facilities at Amara Spa Park Hyatt
  • Dinner at the Thai Kitchen Park Hyatt
  • Chauffeured transfers
  • Can be customised for special couple’s spa experiences

On a Dubai holiday, it’s easy to mix the exploration with the relaxation. For all the things to do in Dubai, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple and celebrate what the city is so famous for: unique experiences and indulgent luxury. This tour is a fusion of these two ideas, combining spectacular sightseeing with the salubrious beauty of a very special spa. It’s one for discovering new places while also forgetting about the world. With a seaplane and a spa you’ve got time for yourself and time for being inspired by all the things to see in Dubai.

Let’s start with the seaplane flight, the engines gently whirling as you take off from Dubai Creek. Not from the land of course. This is a flying boat. You take off from the actual water, a memorable experience of ingenuity that takes you into a seductive skyline. Cast your eyes across the Dubai landmarks; see Burj Khalifa, see Burj Al Arab, see all the world-renowned sites that glimmer in the desert sun. Then take your eyes away from the detail and appreciate the scale. Dubai sits between blue waters and yellow desert, a wonderful panorama and a chance to truly appreciate the city’s style and design.

Land on the water and you’re transferred straight to the spa. And it’s not just any spa. The Amara Spa Park Hyatt is well-regarded as one of the finest in the UAE, a purveyor of classical tones yet an invitation to fully customise the energising experience. 60 minutes of treatments are included and there’s a range of options to choose from. The tour can be further customised for couple’s spa experiences or longer treatments. You’ll want to spend the whole day in the spa. And you can, because day access to all the facilities is included. Rest your back against the bubbles, rejuvenate in a mix of saunas and pools, snooze amonst the spa’s tranquility, and fully savour a day that’s all to yourself. Reenergised and relaxed, you exit the spa to another special treat. Completing the tour is dinner at the Thai Kitchen Park Hyatt, a healthy meal of exotic aromas to complement the feel-good factor. Throughout the tour, complementary transfers ensure seamless journeys.

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